The location of Crooked Creek Community with winding roads and rolling hills makes a statement without speaking a single word. Dedication to maintaining this setting is a hallmark of Crooked Creek property owners.

Entrance to the Crooked Creek Community is from Kanuga Road.

Crooked Creek Assets include the following:

  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Our single entry and egress off Kanuga Road offers endless advantages without fee attachments
  • Neighborhood is under 24 hour video surveillance
  • Our Board of Directors devotes a level of energy that preserves our years of history from erosion and directs our future.
  • Most of our roads are maintained by NCDOT (NC Dept of Transportation) without fee attachment
  • Our booklet, “A Focus on Our Community” is a pictorial essay, unique and informative
  • Ideal location in every aspect of convenience
  • In the center of Crooked Creek Community is a 10-acre Lake and a 5-acre Park owned by each resident, for us to enjoy. Picnics, play in the park & lake fishing abound.
  • Interlacing our community park, lake and residential areas is a fine 18-hole Golf Course destined to remain forever as such with no mandatory membership requirement.