Crooked Creek
P.O. BOX 2362, HENDERSONVILLE, NC 28793-2362

Board of Directors

  • JOHN ROCKS-TREAS: 828-595-4069
  • RAND BISHOP: 828-697-0090
  • GARY VAN DOREN: 828-697-2646
  • CAROLYN KEATING: 828-595-2647
  • DON JOHNES- PRES 828-779-3377
  • WIKE GRAHAM: 828-693-4345
  • JERRY KELLY: 828-697-5004
  • ENRIQUE DEL RIO- VP: 828-707-4637
  • DELAINA LEWKOWICZ: 828-606-5110
  • GAIL BATES: 828-676-5657
  • ALOHA SMITH: 828-697-8656
  • TODD KING: 802-318-1356
  • BOB CRAMER-HISTORIAN 828-606-5702

“A Focus On Our Community” Brochure has been updated – 3rd Edition now available

This brochure includes the Crooked Creek Property Owners Association Bylaws, Restrictive Covenants and some interesting facts and history about our community, which celebrated its 43nd anniversary in 2011.

Now known as the Crooked Creek Property Owners Association, it was chartered in 1968 to operate, in accordance with its Bylaws and North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 55A as a non-profit corporation with perpetual duration. In addition, portions of Chapter 47F, North Carolina Planned Community Act, apply to our community.

Membership in the Association is automatic upon acceptance of deed to any lot in the subdivision. Deed acceptance also causes the grantee to legally agree to abide by the Restrictive Covenants.

The Association owns and is responsible for maintaining the 15.8 acre lake & park open areas. The 127 acre golf course open area, which is also an integral part of the 323 acre subdivision, is privately owned and maintained, but open to the public.
***Please contact Charles Miller or Amy Donaldson if you need an updated copy of this Directory. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy living in Crooked Creek.

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